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Move Along: Nothing to see here

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Ha! Fooled you. There's words. I'm Zack, and I actually registered somewhere in between 7 days and 0 days ago (my days blur together due to the nature of sleep deprivation). I've actually met a couple people on the chat, and made wonderful friends with them using my amazingly awesome wit. As you can tell by my introduction I'm not actually crazy, though that's not what "they" would tell you (they being our reptilian overlords, praise be with them).


I'm not really sure what to put here, because I've done so many awe-inspiring things in my life that I would have to write a four part biography.


I don't really believe in that whole "taking things seriously" business, especially in regard to introductions. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this or write me a private message, or chat me up, or stalk me and find out where I live or kidnap my parents or my friends or any number of other alternatives that will let me know that you would like to communicate with me. Paper airplanes work wonderfully.



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Thank you all for the welcoming welcome!

Rest assured, I have definitely or will at some point read the user agreement.

Sorry, Emperor, among other things my extrememely restrictive belief system restricts my use of long cables and tin cans to while I'm working.

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