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My Experience on Citlopram

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I am being treated for major anxiety... Started 5mg Citlopram 12 days ago along with klonopin at night due to super sensitivity to AD's, noticed the side effects weren't too bad so went up to 10mg 2 days in. My doctor wanted me to eventually get to 20mgs. Side effects were nausea for a few days and feeling very tired. About 5 days in the nausea went away, but i kept waking up at 4am with racing thoughts and couldn't go back to sleep. Stayed on the meds to "give it a chance" and my wake up time turned to 3am with racing thoughts. I could go to sleep fine because by 8:30pm I was tired and HAD to go to sleep. Slept great until the early morning wake up. Was exhausted during the day and since my main complaint about my anxiety is that I feel exhausted all the time I decided to get off the medicine. Tapered off with no side effects and haven't taken a pill in 2 days. Still waking up at 3am though even with the Klonopin at night. Also, this medicine, which I did not know could do, has caused my period to be late...it still hasn't started and I know I'm not pregnant. My period is never late though. After looking this up in different forums I saw that a lot of women are complaining about this side effect. I only took this pill for about 10 days and it caused this.


Has anyone experienced the early wake up on this med? If so how long until you could sleep through the night after stopping it? 


Has anyone experience missed or late periods because of this med? 


Also, has anyone taken just trazodone and found relief for their anxiety? 

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