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How to stay up during day?

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My sleep is wacky.  I wake up several times at night and stay up at 5am until I get my kids to school. Then, I crawl back in bed and sleep some more.  I think if I stopped sleeping in the morning I may be able to sleep through the night.  But, I don't know how to stay up.  I'm really tired.  I've been feeling spacey, too, maybe because of fatigue. I'm also going through a med change.  I've gone from 20mg abilify to 5mg so far.  My pdoc wants me to end up between 2-7 mg.  What can I do to stay awake when I am tired during the day?

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I find attacking a project I've been putting off usually energizes me, even if it is something simple, liking totally emptying the litter boxes and washing them out (which I don't do nearly as often as I should).


Calling someone and pacing while you talk to them can also help.


Coffee doesn't necessarily keep me from being tired, but makes me anxious. What works better for me is to make a smoothie from fruits & veggies foraged from the freezer and fridge.


If I really, really can't keep my eyes open, I'll go sit or lie down someplace where I'm not fully comfortable. That usually results in a 10 to 30 minute nap and is enough to get rid of that fuzzy tired feeling.


If you don't have the energy to exercise in the classic use of the term, just do something as simple as walking around your house or down to the end of the street and back.


Stretches are also really good at getting the fuzzies out while at the same time relaxing and energizing you. Just simple things, like stretching up as high as you can to try and touch the ceiling; doing neck circles; placing one arm across your chest and reaching under with your other arm to grab the upper arm of the stretched arm and just hold it in place.


Cold compresses on my face, especially my eyes and forehead.


Eat something crunchy, like an apple or some carrots.


Chew gum.

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