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Has this ever happened to you?

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I'm on a manic kick. I was trying to sleep but mind was going crazy, and I would have these weird dreams when I was like half asleep half awake that literally made me nauseated. I could smell and taste in the "dreams" or whatever the f!?k they are, ran to the bathroom and threw up. :( based on my week my pdoc is gonna have her hands full!

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I used to be manic on regular basis and had similar dream patterns.  My real life would blend into my dreams so vividly while my mind went 1000 miles a hour.   


Quite disturbing as I would panic in the dreams and wake up in a panic.  I also could seemingly smell aromas, feel pain, and make body movements that coincided with the nightmarish dreams.   


I've never been so nauseated though; that, Erinface, must be so horrible to handle.  I hope you ease up on the mania and get thru the episode soon.

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I've also had dreams (nightmares) that are so awful I'm almost ashamed of the grotesque things my mind comes up with. Lately I've been vomiting a ton. It's awful how it comes out of nowhere. I even went to the ER because I thought something was seriously wrong. But that trip was useless, as they gave me something for nausea & after I slept it off they promptly kicked me out. Sucks because that was over a week ago & it's still happening. Go to the doctor, you say? I wish I could. I'm having major insurance problems & can't get to see one closer than 60 miles away :-(

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