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Gettin rude with the rude lady


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I've been on the edge for the better part of this week...like worse than usual. I'm tired, bitchy and just not having any shit (on top of being crazy, anxious, depressed etc....)


So I have to call this place in Chicago. Our work people are going there and needed another badge for where they're going...The event's website is impossible to navigate so I have no choice but to call. The woman handling the show is of course *not in the office*--the thing doesn't start for days but she's out...great! So I go through a bunch of crap to get to the department where they do badges and get this snippy woman on the line--the hair on the back of my neck is already starting to stand on end...


I'm telling her I want to give my badge to this guy who's going so change the name on it and send him email confirmation. She says to me, and I quote, "Are you ok? You don't sound well..." Um, excuse me? Ok, what a completely rude and presumptuous thing to say...I was just enraged....Live my life and see how fucking happy *you* sound bitch!... But instead I said to her, "I'm fine...are *you* alright?" She's puzzled and taken aback that I would throw her shit back at her... and she staggers for words... "Wwwhat do you mean?"   "Well, are *you* ok, you don't sound well," I fired back at her... hehe

Now she's stammering..."Well, well, ...I just assumed since you weren't going..."


Really? Cut the shit, k honey? Obviously you thought I was sick and my voice displeases you, so go fuck yourself. Most people who don't know one another would just not bother to comment...It's these assholes who think they're "entitled" to comment on everything...and it's not like, oh I'm so concerned for you, let me come make you some chicken soup....It's just more 'hey, I'm a cunty bitch sitting in a office and your voice displeases me, why's that?' But it amuses me so...how rude people can be put in their place so incredibly easy by just throwing their words back at them.haha.... And I wasn't even like mean or vicious about it....I just threw it back--a little intonation here and suddenly she's realizing uh oh, maybe not such a fucking bright thing to say.haha


Maybe if more people did this, the assholes of the world would think twice before opening their mouths...

I'm sure I sounded nasaly and high-strung--from crying and being miserable but really lady, get some fucking manners!

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~Take a deep breath, center yourself, recognize what you can alter and what is simply banging your head against the wall.


Did you gain anything concrete from this encounter, or did you merely move above mediocrity.


I understand that the knee-jerk reaction is to congratulate anyone who faces the opposition,  yet it has been my experience that the true worth of such an encounter is what we take away.


What positive experience are you taking away?

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I've been working events for nearly a decade now. I've found that some of the people there are just terrible and use the excuse that the job is stressful.

Some people are just like that. That's all. It's everything about them, and not about you. I hope that your event goes smoothly!

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