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Do I disclose my learning problems to potential employers?

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I'm trying to get a part time job, and I have several issues that make work hard, at least in the beginning.  Primarily I need extra training time and attention and patience to really learn, and once I do learn I'm great.  But I seem to frustrate most people when I don't get the hang of things after only having it run through twice.  Do I tell this to a potential employer?  It would help me a lot if they could accommodate me, but I'm afraid they won't hire me based on it.  But if I don't tell them and ask for accommodation I might be setting myself up for failure.  I wouldn't mention my mental illness, just the things that would be relevant and affect my performance.  What say you?

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I also wouldn't disclose until after I was hired.


I'm not sure what kind of job you're going after, but is there any way you can take notes while you're training?  Or if that's not possible, write down everything you can remember as soon as your shift ends, like after you get in your car, or at the bus stop or whatever, but as soon as possible so you remember as much as possible.  Then you could review the notes at home, and also have them with you at work to refer to until you get the hang of things.  I would use a pocket-size pad/notebook so it's not obtrusive and easy to keep with you.


One part of my job involves uploading info to a database, and it's not an intuitive program at all.  I wrote down the steps as I did them the first time (no training manual, company-specific program so no way to google it and cheat!), and I still have to refer to them if I haven't used the program for a while. 


Good luck in your job hunt!

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Well, when I go to interviews, they ALL ask the dreaded question I choke on:
"What is your weakness?"


My brother is a slower learner and needs more time and patience to learn. However, once he's learned, he's really good. He's been at the same job for over 5 years and has had some promotions and raises. He tells them that he isn't the quickest learner, but he's a hard worker and he does his best.


So, if they do ask that stupid question, mention it. Or in training, just say you need a bit of extra help to start off. You won't be the first, you won't be the last. Not everyone picks things up quickly.

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