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Abilify... need less Adderall?

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So I started Abilify (2 mg) about 10 days ago after a new doc thought my depression/anxiety/ADHD could may be bipolar/cyclothymia instead. He even suggested I "might not be as ADHD as you think", saying some of the symptoms that seemed like ADHD might be bipolar related. I also take 20 mg Adderall IR 2x/day and 200mg lamictal.


Miraculously... I think maybe this stuff is helping! If it is it'd be the first thing to help in 8 years. But it might be causing some anxiety, which seems pretty common. I'm just wondering if anyone with this combo had to lower their stimulant medication dose after adding Abilify, or stop taking it? I think all three of those meds are pretty activating (well obviously the Adderall...)


If lowering the dose of Adderall helped that'd be great (or maybe the anxiety wears off or I need more Abilify, who knows), I have to say I'd be extremely reluctant to go off of it completely... it's been the only thing that's helped at all--not much, but it makes life livable, barely. 


Just curious about other's experience with these two... nix the anxiety and this could be a lifesaver, if Abilify and Adderall can play nice together!

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