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Blurred vision from Risperdal

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I have been on Risperdal for 10 weeks now and it got me out of an exceptionally nasty mixed bipolar episode in roughly 30 minutes. It just shut it off like a switch. I am still astounded how well it worked. The problem is, I am suffering from blurry vision. My Pdoc says that this will "probably" be temporary. I am really hoping so because this sucks.

Has anyone experienced this side effect before? How long does it last? How long before I should start to get concerned?



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OMG!  I'm not crazy!  (At least not any crazier than I was before!)

I've experienced this since starting Risperdal.  My doctor had never heard complaints of it before.

I'm reading the PI sheet right now and it says Abnormal Vision at 2% of patients taking it for schizophrenia in trials taking under 10 mg per day.  (It actually goes down at 16 mg per day  ;) )  For people taking it for bipolar mania (me) it goes up to 6%.  Maybe you and I are part of the lucky 6%.  One listed as infrequent on the PI sheet is abnormal accommodation defined as adjustment, especially that of the eye for various distances resulting in pupil constriction or dilatation.  One listed as rare on the PI sheet is diplopia defined as the perception of two images of a single object.

So apparently it happens.

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