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My ocd is bad today. And it's very physical. A lot of repetitive movement and thoughts. And I can't stop obsessively checking things. Like posts on here, messages on fbk, online school stuff. I feel like i'm going nuts and keep wanting to cry/tearing up. I'm taking deep breaths intermittently and chatting with my MI friends about how I'm feeling. And I took a Klonopin to try and calm down but it's not kicking in yet.

I have a lot to do today so I'm hoping have some distractions for a bit will help this restless energy, (physical distractions like yardwork and housework). But I need to settle down enough to get homework done at some point and am nervous that i won't be able to.

I used to take Celexa for my ocd and it helped. I'm wondering if I need to go back on it. I'd really like to try Buspar to give me some relief from my anxiety.

I'm calling my pdoc on Monday and will hopefully be able to see her on the 9th. (she's only available at my rehab on Wednesdays).

I hate feeling like this. How do you guys handle it when yer ocd kicks up like this?



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Mindfulness practice helps me when I start to get in loops like this... especially the "active" mindfulness practices from Thich Nhat Hahn, especially the book Peace is Every Step.


He talks a lot about being fully aware of every movement in every moment, every sensation... so if you're, say, washing the dishes, don't just "wash the dishes"... wash THIS dish fully inside and out with mindful awareness of the dish in your hand, the water and soap, the light bouncing off the surface of the dish, how the water looks as it cascades down the dish when you rinse it, and how the drops form as it drips dry...


Stuff like that has helped me a lot.


And I also have the bonus of clean dishes if I use that particular one. ;)

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I used to have awful OCD.  About 7 years ago, my therapist turned me onto tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique.  I swear by it.  It is not an easy quick fix, but once the skills are learned, you can use them anywhere and slowly you learn to relax.


 Here is the link for you to read up on it and watch a video. Looks cheesy, but it works!

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I'm gonna check out EFT-looks interesting. Going to work on getting out of my head by helping others and get back to writing my daily gratitude list. Hopefully doing these things will get me to calm down. I think I also need a daily med for anxiety. The Klonopin isn't cutting it and i don't like taking it frequently (I'm in recovery). Just frustrated with the ocd right now. Bringing my stress ball to school today so that I have something to do with my hands. It helps. Thanks for listening and for the advice : )

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Spooky, I was dreaming of EFT last night and I have never actually learnt it or seen it done! Does it really work?

yes. Once learned, you can use the skills immediately, wherever, whenever.


I have general anxiety, but when I was pretty young, and up through my 20's I had some nasty OCD. This has been beneficial for the OCD. 

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