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like freakin' clockwork

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How is it that I can go for hours ALL DAY LONG and be able to breathe through my nose, but as soon as it's bed time I can only breathe through one nostril at a time, and every time I turn my head to one side or the other, the snot in my head drains accordingly.


I can't blow anything out, only "snurfle" it back in, which drives my partner batty.


This isn't new... I'm just getting fed up.



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melissa, what do you do with that concoction? Put it in your nose? How? Drink it?


Woo, does it happen only when you go into your bedroom? Maybe do an audit of what allergens you've got in there. Are the animals allowed in? Do you have feather pillows or a down duvet? etc

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There is a strange neuro-feedback loop that tends to cause some incease in bloodflow and minor swelling in the upper nostril when we curl up on our sides.   Lord knows why.   Sometimes in both nostrils!


A really good Rx is to buy a nostril spray that contains only normal saline.  You can buy a nasal decongestant but they always cause backlash stuffy nose if used regularly.         Once or twice I have bought a decongestant spray and tipped the drug solution down the sink before refilling the spray bottle with normal saline. 


It is possible to buy normal saline from the pharmacist but it is also easy to make it at home.  About 1  flat teaspoon of table salt dissolved in a cup of tap water is a rough guide or  5gm table salt in 250 ml boiled water for the more obsessive types among us.


Don't be tempted to double the amount of salt ( I habitually think that a bit more is better in any recipe ) because when you spray a strong salt solution up your nose it will feel as if something has detonated in your sinus's.   Effective ? Yes!    Comfy?  NO !


I have not heard of the vinegar in water solution but perhaps it works in much the same way.

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Unfortunately, it's not location-dependent.


But I'm sure I could do with a pillow change up.


I've never been tested for allergies, but it seems pretty clear that's what's happening in some capacity.


On a good day, my sinuses aren't great.


Maybe one of these days I'll go check out an ENT doc. The last one I had didn't do anything other than tell me I had a deviated septum and was not very helpful... also, he was kind of a creep. But that was several years ago in Oregon. Maybe there's a teaching clinic at the university hospital or something.

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If you're looking at going the doctor route, I'd suggest someone who does allergies and immunology. Not that you have to get the shots. But they'd be a good bet for isolating the culprit and coming up with a plan.


^THIS.  If they cant help, then I'd seek out an ENT.

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