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I had a seizure 2 years ago and my new doc prescribed me Wellbutrin

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I have done searches and researched this, but I am scared and freaking myself out. In 2010 I had a seizure in the grocery store, split my head open, and had a bad concussion. I visited a neurologist who said it was a seizure caused by stress and that I did not have epilepsy. He did not put me on an anti-convulsant and I have been seizure free since then.

I visited a new doctor today, told her this, and she wanted to put me on Cymbalta. I resisted, because of the sexual side effects I had with Lexapro, Prozac, and Zoloft. She suggested Bupropion SR 150mg once a day for one week and then 150mg twice a day after the first week.

I'm scared of my seizure risk and I'm scared that a doctor would even want to try me on this med. but she must think it is safe, right? I am desperate to feel better and not be depressed anymore. It took a lot of courage for me to go see a doctor in the first place. Thank you for being nice, I have read this site for years and never posted.

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Congrats on going to the doc. That was my hardest step.


Did you discuss your concerns with your doc when she prescribed the med? If not, maybe try leaving a message that you'd like to remind her of the prior seizure and be reassured that you should be okay on Bupropion.


If she was aware of your history, she probably figured the risk is low. Stress seizure is different than epilepsy. I'd give the med a try unless you are just going to be totally stressed.


Cymbalta is a different type of AD than Zoloft, etc. It might not give you the same side effects. If you don't want to take Wellbutrin, then that or a tricyclic probably is your best options.

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I am glad you will talk to your doctor about this.


Personal anecdote: I've had three psychiatrists who thought that Wellbutrin's potential to lower the seizure threshold has been over-hyped, especially if one avoids going above 300 mg.  All of these providers gave me WB despite having an eating disorder and being on other meds which could lower the seizure threshold.

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