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Stupid Mania.

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Ok so I've been manic for over a week now. Yesterday I got a bit of a break but sheesh you think I woulda stopped by now.

It goes from me wanting to tell everyone to shut up, where like everything annoys the hell out of me, sounds are so loud, and I just want to scream, and then a minute later I'm laughing and cracking up and having fun and enjoying conversation until someone says something that brings on the typical overreactive bipolar reaction (ex: friend mentioned that when me and my friend Sara get together we become chatterboxes and I blew up on them as if they called me the worst thing on the planet).

I have to go back to work tomorrow :( I'm really not ready for it. I just want to feel better! Pdoc said skip work and come in to see her, but I don't think I could cuz i would probably get fired, told her that I gotta work late anyways.

Ok, just needed to vent. Just took some extra abilify according to pdoc so hopefully that will help. I just want to feel stable :( anyone relate to this?

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I can relate. I take Abilify and increasing the dosage helped me when i was manic. And increasing one of my mood stabilizers. What has helped me  while i am waiting for the meds to kick in is blogging about what's running through my head. And doing physical things like exercise. Hope you feel better soon!

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