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I've been driving for nearly a week now. It makes me hysterical nearly. I try my best to concentrate on the road only. But I've been having trouble with implanted thoughts and more paranoia and some voices on the side. I don't normally get visual hallucinations so I'm convincing myself that I'm fine to drive and to be more independent. I feel like each time I drive though I get closer to dying. I cant really explain this cosmic connection as it just came to me.

It's so weird. I have not driven for over 6 years and now I just up and start one day again?!?!

I do think I'm safe on the road. Yet I get giddy with independence when I drive but it nearly drives me hysterical. The voices have not said anything regarding my driving yet. But sometimes. Like tonight. I just want to up and drive out of state. That just got me. I think and think and think. Maybe no sleep tonight and drive to a large city 5 hours away?!!? I'm not used to heavy traffic.

I was thinking I might not be safe on the road or may get myself into a mess like ending up out of state. Or worse an accident or my old car breaking down on the road.

So I need some help. Should I not renew my drivers license and get a state ID? Then maybe I wouldn't be so tempted to drive. Reality, we aren't going to be able to afford two cars anyways inthe future. So once my old car goes off the deep end, there will only be my husbands car.

What do you, those with psychosis, do regarding drviing? Am I deluding myself that I'm safe to drive ?

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Wonderful Cheese--


When I read the title of your post, I first thought, "that can't be good!" with regards to the safety of yours and others.


Then again, it was my logical flaw since I thought that "driving and psychosis" was to involve the idea that one shouldn't use one's turn signal when switching lanes. :smartass:


Given that you're obviously better than that, I guess there are more important things to worry about.


Unless psychotic elements are say, telling you to hit the car next to you (or deliberately not use your turn signal when making a lane change), I wouldn't be too alarmed.  Just do what any driver would do, follow the rules of the road and keep yourself and others safe.  If you truly believe you are unable to do this, then take a break from the road until your psychosis is under control.  However, I do sense a great insight in your thoughts, which generally means that you know what you are (or aren't) doing properly.  You seem well-qualified to be your own judge of the situation, at least compared to most drivers out there!


Then again, you might be perfectly safe physically and honestly be a great driver, and at the same time put yourself at risk because of impulses to drive to the next city 5 hours away only to get stuck in unfamiliar big city traffic.  I don't know if those impulses classify as psychosis-related, but I can tell you that said big city is no fun place to be operating your vehicle in, as I live in one of those big cities and would much rather drive on the open road, myself.  So if for any reason being on the road -- or any situation you wish that will put you on the road -- puts you at a great risk for phobia/anxiety, you might want to leave the steering (and speed controls) up to others until you feel more stable/confident.

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I just try not to drive at all costs while psychotic. I get very paranoid and then I start thinking someone is following me or I'm going to have a stroke behind the wheel. I am normally a very good driver but I have to know when to stop. I also find it very hard to focus during those times so I am literally swerving on the road. Yeah, so I stay home if I am a mess.

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Personally, I was not safe driving on the road and didn't feel safe either, so I traded in my license for an ID so I wouldn't be able to drive no matter what I wanted to do in the future.  I didn't want to endanger others' lives.

Same.  I always get dressed up for my id picture.  Never tried a colander though i probably should.

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My parents insisted I have a car and license since I was 16 (the day after my 16th birthday, I had my beginners) as my area sucks for public transport. Fortunately, knock on wood, my record is clean. I'm 29 now. I am a cautious driver. (Or as drivers ed called it, "defensive driver") I still hear the words of my driving instructor when I do things. He was the best. What about taking a drivers ed course? It will lower your insurance, too,.


Having one car would help, you wouldn't be able to drive as much. Would your husband be able to kind of control car use? Make rules. Have him judge if you're safe to drive?


It is incredibly responsible of you to consider all of this. Not driving for a while and starting again can be exciting. The excitement goes away.

You should discuss this with your tdoc at length and talk it over with your husband before making that decision. You can always get a license later on. You can renew it, but not drive. Having a license doesn't mean you have to drive.

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