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In a shock move the House of Representatives has...

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All bills must be proposed on the forums and argued in the blogs but without direct reference to the post in question.



My favorite.


My reaction to this is best encapsulated in this text exchange.


(12:38:04 PM) me via mobile: i'm participating in the 'no budget no pants' protest

(12:38:46 PM) St J [mobile]: How is that different from your regular lack of pants?


(12:42:35 PM) St J: Okay honey

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"After the hashtag #NoBudgetNoPants began trending, many vowed to join in and refuse to wear pants as an act of protest"

Wow.  My favourite anime just went political,   Go, 501st!



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Does this mean the voices in my head will now get health care benefits, too?  


Can we officially declare war on the aliens I'm paranoid of, or tell the CIA to (finally) stop spying on me?  Maybe I can also get the FCC to stop having the TV send me secret messages.

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