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Is this a symptom of my bipolar disorder?

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For the past couple of years I have found myself to be paranoid to the point, family & friends notice. I have it in my head that people plot against me, so I put my emotional guard up based off of false beliefs. Sometimes I burst into tears over a stranger whom my parent said did nothing, when I thought their action was against me and my family. I have a VERY hard time looking people into the eyes. It tears me up to do so, so I find myself never looking at anybody. I also am very sensitive to a lot of noises, to the point I avoid being anywhere and have headphones in all the time with super loud music to block out sounds. (I have an auditory processing disorder). But anyway, could the above be part of my bipolar I disorder or something else?

I have a neuropsychological eval later this month for cognitive function...

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Paranoia can be a part of bipolar disorder, that isn't uncommon, especially during episodes. It can also be part of other things, but if the meds start working on it, it'd be best to focus on staying well.


When I'm overstimulated, I get irritable. I've got headphones blasting right now and want to shut outside sound off.. Sirens, the cats, I can hear them over it. Arrrgh!

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Do you have sensory processing disorder/integration?  That was one of the first things I thought of, particularly because you mentioned the auditory processing. My daughter has similar issues.  The rest sounds like anxiety.

I think I do. because I know the two are connected. I have a neuropsych appt. later this month to figure this stuff out. Life can be so overwhelming when your brain cant process it all.

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