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Can't sleep :(

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Have you tried benadryl?  IT is OTC.  I take it sometimes to help sleep, but not every day because I tend to build up a tolerance to it fast. 


Ambien did not work well with me.  I was foggy all the time, had no memory of things I had done an hour before.  Just it didn't agree with me.  However there are some people that I've read on CB who rely on it to help sleep.

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I'm on Seroquel XR, Gabapentin and Klonopin at night. Seroquel (not XR) knocked me flat out. In tiny doses, 25mg or so, its a very good sleep med. Remeron is good too, but I'd eat everything in sight before I went to bed, wake up hungover. Temazepam is quite popular, its a benzo, no hangover, but tolerance is a possibility. 

In the Sleep Disorders forum, I found this useful tidbit: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/147-cant-sleep-insomnia-well-this-might-help/


A lot of sleep meds can build up a tolerance. Benadryl has to be taken in small doses, it has been known to cause psychosis in larger (I believe, 150mg and up. Standard dosage is 25mg over the counter). I find benadryl makes me sleepy, but I'm still awake. It's best to talk to your doc before taking anything over the counter, not saying its a bad idea, but always tell your doctor or pharmacist before taking anything in addition to Rx meds.


Not sleeping is the worst. I hope you can get some good sleep soon.

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I'm the wrong person to ask since I have been running into the same problem, although I would highly suggest to NOT take rozarem as it made me a manic disaster. Other than that we are trying to put me to sleep with 10mg abilify and 2mg of lorazepam.

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You're welcome girl hope that helps. So far it's seemed to give me more sleep then I've had in awhile, even if I still wake up some it's been helping a lot more.

My total Rx just to give you an idea:

Lamictal 50mg (titrating up) -take in morn since it makes me hyper

Abilify-40mg, take 3-10mg throughout day to help with mania and then take my last 10mg at night.

Ativan- 4mg total, 2mg day and then 2mg at night with Abilify

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I have trouble sleeping too - have you tried doxylamine (restavit) its OTC in most countries - I can only use it occasionally as tolarance buillds fast but I average 5 hrs with it, sometimes more. I know it's not much but it's enough to get me through the day as sometimes I won't sleep at all - it's a sedating anti-histamine and on wikipedia it is stated as more sedating then some prescription hypnotics. Hope this helps :- )

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