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Christian College: Transgender Professor Should Go "Elsewhere"

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I dont really know about Azuza anymore. A very long time ago I applied to go there and was accepted. The problem was cost....that was ridiculous for the 1990's.


PS, I went to a presbyterian college on the east coast and it was cheaper than going to an in-state school in CA.


Azuza is a private school and they have the right to make up whatever rules they want. Kind of like Bob Jones. eeewww.


What I am most thankful for is the college I went to was very open. My senior english thesis was "Examining Southern Lesbian Literature." I was also an art minor and painted some very provactive paintings, had a show, and everyone loved it. no hate. It all really depends on the openness and acceptance at a private school. If this professor was as good as the article says, I hope she finds another position with a more open school asap.



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