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  I'm sick of feeling just normal and plus it's just boring......what can I do? I want to know is there anything I can do to tweak my medicine regimine to give me a lil zombie or high boost. I currently take Depakote 1500mg a day 1mg Risperdal a day 300mg Wellbutrin XL a day 10mg Citalopram a day and 50mg Hydroxyzine 3 times a day and Atenolol 25mg 3 times a day.

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What's a "lil zombie"? Is that slang? Or a cocktail with fruit & Rum?


Also I am not sure what kind of answers you are looking for, considering I don't really comprehend the question all that well.


My best shot to understanding you is:

You don't want to feel "just normal" because it is boring? And you want us to help you figure out a way to "tweak your medicine" to find a "boost" so you won't be bored?


My first response....I will not say. My second response is to ask you to talk to your psychiatrist. You will not find answers that will support you here, you also will not find answers that you necessarily like either.


FYI being stable is critical for life, and I hope you know what you are asking for. Please get help.

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You know, I have forgotten what normal is or I am not even sure I ever was normal! I wish I could feel normal and not have wildly swinging moods, plus what feels like a physical shift when my mood is going to change or I am going to go from okay to absolutely crap.  Sorry if you are not happy but I think that you are best to ask your pdoc as said before here in this thread and what might be normal for one of us might be no good for you. Peace.

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" I'm sick of feeling just normal and plus it's just boring......what can I do? "


The first bit is normally considered *progress*,  and the answer to the second bit is not really medication, but hitting the boredom with interests and activity.


From poetry to mountain-climbing, mask-making to extreme ironing, alone or as part of a group or a team, for yourself or volunteering, to help others as well..

If you are normal enough to have a relatively free choice, the world is your playground*.



Me, I play with toy trains and discuss philosophy.  Not often at the same time, but it's been known.






*N.B.  Playground may be subject to physical, financial, legal and social constraints.  Local playground regulations vary.

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You don't know how lucky you are to just feel "normal." I just went through 2 weeks of heck to try to feel normal after going through a severe depression, & I finally am starting to feel closer to normal with not as many crying spells & not falling apart like I was. The medication we take is not meant to be a happy pill, it is meant to help supplement a chemical imbalance. I think you need to talk to your therapist about this.

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There are many people here at CB who would love to feel "just normal," for a few weeks or a month or a year.  Stability is precious and I can't imagine why you want to screw with it.



^^^^ X 1000 I would kill to feel "normal" or feel like i have a bit of stability in my life and my emotions. I agree: if you feel fine, then don't mess with it! Don't fix what isn't broken.

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