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Sometimes post reply icons are all greyed out - how to fix?

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Sometimes when I post (like right now) or when replying to a post, all the icons for adding a link, bolding text, etc. are greyed out and I can't use them. Also, during those times, the text in my post / reply is in what looks like Times New Roman font, instead of Arial as it is when the icons work.

I know how to fix this in email by switching from plain text to HTML, but how do I do that here? Since it doesn't happen all the time, I don't know if I have clicked on something in error, or whether it's my laptop, or something on the site.

I should disclose that I just had to look up how to turn off 'number lock' on my machine as I had accidentally turned it on....

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It sounds like you might be in "code edit" mode, where the text box expects you to "hard code" in all the formatting in brackets.


Do you see the little lightswitch in the very upper left corner of the reply box?


Try clicking that to see if it makes things better.

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