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Bipolar, anti-depressants and sexual dysfunction

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In early spring my therapist and psychiatrist found out that I still have some depression even though I'm on 300mg of Lamictal and 25mg of Seroquel. They did testing and put me on Lexapro. It worked really well, after a couple of months my life got a lot better. But I had extreme sexual dysfunction. So my psychiatrist switched me to Wellbutrin but I had every adverse effect: puking, flu symptoms, zappy stuff, etc. AND it caused a little bit of mania or hypomania - probably something in-between. It was the old mania I used to have before I was on Lamictal, which was a lot of agitation/anger that I had no control over. There were some other heightened mania things that I only experience when a drug causes the mania or my brain runs low on Lamictal.


So what the heck anti-depressant can I take that won't cause mania and won't cause me to gain weight? Am I doomed? This is making me sick, I'm so tired of being mentally ill. I just want to not be depressed, not gain weight, not have uncontrollable anger and continue to have sex with my husband.


Before I got on Lamictal I tried:

- prozac, didn't work

- paxil, didn't work

- effexor, didn't work

- elavil, made me hate everybody and I wanted to hurt myself

- celexa, caused hypomania and the next day I was re-diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I had been diagnosed a decade previously when I was a teenager but this time I was so sick of being out of control that I followed through with care.


Now that I'm on a mood stabilizer I suppose it's time to go through all the SSRIs and SNRIs again. One drug that I haven't tried is Zoloft so that could be the final answer. But what. the. fuck!! I am so tired of trying to find the third drug that will eliminate my depression, I almost want to give up and deal with that lingering sadness on my own. My doctors will not be happy with that.


Who's on a similar combo with similar problems? Anybody? I know a lot about these drugs but I don't know what one's gonna do it for my depression at this point. It's like playing poker and I'm sick of it.



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