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So as the title suggests, I had my first visual the other week. I brushed it off but thought I'd share it here and when I start therapy on friday. It only lasted about 30 seconds but I was walking to the car on way to work (no drugs or alcohol in my system) and all of a sudden I was mesmarised by thousands of beads of light circling me like butterflies, like I was in a tunnel of beaded light. At the time I was fascinated and only thought of it again since i've been actively posting on CB. In hosp last week I told a pdoc and they won't diagnose me with anything new as i have a current medical condition (hyperthyroidism). I know in myself it's more then that as my thyroid levels are almost normal and I'm still hearing/seeing things. Does anyone else have the same problem with pdoc's etc? I've tried commiting the act twice and I fit the classic symptoms of MI but every time I approach them they brush it off as my thyroid?! I'm afraid it's going to blow into another full blown delusional depressive episode again (which landed me IP for a week) before they do anything!

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Coming at this as a former optometrist I'd be wanting to consider non-MI possibilities, especially as a first presentation, if only for the purposes of elimination.

"they won't diagnose me with anything new as i have a current medical condition"  Is exactly wrong because there is no reason at all why somebody with one condition cannot develop another.  That such might be more difficult to separate out is no sufficient excuse.


The most likely non-MI cause with no other symptoms would be a transient drop in blood pressure.    Had you just been making an appreciable effort (lifting, pushing...?)  or just got up after sitting or being prone?  Had an emotional shock or physical accident?


Much less likely but not impossible would be a prodromal (minor but "warning") attack of acute glaucoma.


Just to keep options in mind.



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Hi chris - thanks for that advice - I was rushing for work so it may have been blood pressure - will also get my eyes checked.

Surreal, i did not take any offence to ur post - all good - oh and the reason I am worrying about a dx is that my latest thyroid function tests were almost normal - i had to get them down for upcoming surgery and my depressive and anxiety symptoms are still present - I was told my symptoms will vanish once my thyroid levels come down but they aren't.

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