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A friend suggested I come to this forum to resolve some questions I have about a particular diagnosis that is probably inaccurate.


This isn't my first mental health forum - it's my fourth. However, it is the first that is not focused on a single issue.


I've been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, major depression, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder, as well as fibromyalgia. In the past I have also been diagnosed with panic disorder and an anxiety disorder of some sort, although the panic disorder is almost entirely in remission and the anxiety is under control thanks to Zoloft.


It's BPD that is the diagnosis I'm looking for insight on. Currently, no one who knows me very well thinks I have it - this includes two therapists, my case manager, a psychiatrist, and a psychiatric RN. However, it is difficult for me to dismiss it entirely without better understanding. The idea of the diagnosis being true doesn't cause me distress. It's more that I lack certainty in being able to confirm or deny it, even with the feedback I have received from others.


Admitting to that diagnosis is anxiety-inducing for me. I've found that people who learn of the diagnosis and believe it tend to treat me very differently. I was told that this forum is not particularly like that and that the support hear is geared toward people with mental illness rather than toward family members, friends, etc. of people with mental illness (which is what most BPD-geared fora seem to be all about - except perhaps psychforums' BPD subforum, but that is geared toward both people with BPD and family members and friends of people with BPD).


Anyway, I like what I've seen here so far, and had a nice welcome in chat last night. :)

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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


We ask all our new members to read the User Agreement just to be sure we're all on the same page.


I'm glad you checked out chat last night and I think you'll find the rest of the site to be just as welcoming.


We do have a PD forum and I encourage you to post there, as well as anywhere else you feel may be helpful.


Again, welcome!

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Thank you much.


I did read the user agreement. When it comes to forums I try to catch up on all the rules before I register. Also, I had to read the agreement to answer the Turing Test. :D

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Many of our members have complicated diagnoses, so I don't think you'll find that the CB members are going to be judgmental or unkind about BPD.  And we are indeed a first-person site, so most of us comment on meds that we have taken and stay away from commenting on meds we haven't taken.  Ditto with commenting on a flavor of MI if you haven't experienced it.


I hope you like it here and stick around for a while.



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Thanks. :)




I appreciate the reassurances. I got the impression this was that kind of site and looking at the PD forum was a nice change from some other sites I've looked at.


I like the emphasis on personal experience. I've always felt that this has been devalued in terms of mental illness and other ways people are marginalized. 

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