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Breathing problems with lithium carbonate

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I am having trouble breathing when I am taking lithium carbonate. I went off the drug about ten days ago and I no longer have the feeling that I cannot get enough air into my lungs. I am back to a cycling state where I am very manic, but I still have anxieties. I feel like I am stepping on the brakes while flooring the gas pedal. My doctor has now prescribed Lutada which is an anti-psychotic. I'm not familiar with it at all. He has also prescribed Rozerem to be taken to help me sleep. Is someone out there taking the same medications????

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Breathing is sort of important. Most doctors take breathing issues seriously. I'm glad yours did.


I am on Latuda and love it. I was relatively stable when I started it, so am not sure how it is at calming me down. That said, I have not had any hypo/mania or mixed state energy while on it. I'm calm but have all my feelings. It definitely helps with depression. I have no meaningful side effects, but have heard that it is a little sedating for some. I have also heard that it can be too activating if you tend to have real significant mania. Mostly, I hear that is good medicine. Like I said, I love it. Latuda gave me normalcy. I take it with Lamictal.


Good luck.

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