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I was just diganosed bipolar 2. I was on celexa for a year and it hasn't helped. So now I'm on 100mg celexa and 150mg lamactial for the last month and a half. I have lost all sexual desire which is awful because I have been talking to some girls and now they like annoy me I have no desire to even talk to them. I went to dinner with 2 girls tonight that really like me lime 3 some action was in my future. I just don't care I can't climax any ways. I have sleep apnea and its getting old yawning every 15 minutes. My doctor refuses to give me the cpap machine. I have low testosterone qnd I'm trying to get my thyroid checked this month. So my question is what is affecting my sex drive I usex to be sooo horny like masterbate 7 times a day now I don't do it all.

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I don't know a lot about testosterone but I believe if you are running low on that you'll likely have a lowered libido. So that's one possibility.


Celexa does commonly cause low libido and inability to climax but if you've been on it at the same dose for a year and you're only noticing this now it seems unlikely. When was your last dose increase anywhere near the time you started having problems?


Sexual side-effects are listed as infrequent in Lamictal's PI. So it could but that, but the odds are kind of against it.


Have you brought up this issue with your pdoc? If not, you really should. They will be able to work it out, even if it takes a little trial and error.

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I have been on celexa since before I was sexually active. I have never been able to climax. I alrwady had low sex drive because of this because whats the point if I can't get off. Its when I started limictal that I have lost all sex drive. My regular docotor won't give me the cpap. My pdoc I'm switching because he does nothing just sits there and I have to tell him I want a eaise in meds or lower then he types on his keyboard and says have a good day he has charged me $230 with blue cross for these sessions.

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