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Well hello there

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Um. I have no idea how to start this... so....

Well. My name is Allison. I am a college student. I suffer from bipolar disorder, general anxiety disorder, and EDNOS. I am going strong in recovery. I take a lot of meds(4 currently) and am not sure any of them even do much. But I'm still trying....


Um... I have three pugs. I love Supernatual and Sherlock(the tv shows). I am an executive member of my University's To Write Love On Her Arms Chapter. I am the youngest of three children. 


Not sure if any of you use tumblr, but if you do, this is my personal recovery blog. http://mypersonalblogispersonal.tumblr.com/  Feel free to explore.


I hope I did this whole intro thing right. Haha. See you guys around!

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You did just fine. :) Welcome to CrazyBoards! I took a peek at your blog and it sounds like you are working really, really hard in recovery. That's awesome!


Have you ever watched Elementary? It's another Sherlock Holmes show, but with a twist - Watson is female (Lucy Lui). It's very well done, if you like Supernatural and the British Sherlock, I think you may like this, too!


Have a great day in classes today!

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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards, Allison!


We ask all our new members to read the User Agreement to ensure that we're all on the same page.


I love pugs!  They are so adorable and have so much personality.


You can also start a blog here, if you like.  And be sure to check out chat.


Again, welcome!

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