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My house looks very weird much of the time and there are some weird things in my vision that have been getting worse when I am at home.  At the same time things have been looking more weird at work and in some other situations.  Doctors ignore my weird vision problems as mental illness.


Will this weird vision stuff ever stop getting worse?  It started off really mild years ago but now is getting really hard to ignore.  I have been on zyprexa before which helped with the weirdness of vision a lot but given that it didn't help me with actually feeling better I stopped bothering with it.  I am wondering however if the weirdness of my house and other places will become permanently worse if I don't take any medication?  Also will moving house or jobs help in any way?  I am probably going to get fired soon anyway, I just wondered if I move jobs that some disturbing weird vision things that are happening to me at work might go away for a while? 

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I don't think moving house or jobs will alter the weirdness in vision, it might change briefly but it will probably come back.  There are other medications besides zyprexa you can try.  This could get worse the longer you go without medication, or it could stay at the same level it has been at I don't have a crystal ball.


can't predict these things, but I know from experience that I need medication to get rid of the disturbances

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