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weird shit happening during sleep

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ok so i don't know where to post this- either in AAP's or BP, but i'll give it a whirl here and see if anyone else can relate.


so i didn't think i was hypo (i'm some flavor of BP- pdoc and i haven't quite nailed it down yet) but when i crashed i realized i was. i am on 10 mg of abilify and 2.5 mg xanax for severe anxiety. i crashed probably friday. i'm still functional so not hugely depressed (yet very irritable and easily agitated), but there's something weird going on with my sleep.


i have like super vivid freak nightmares and when i wake up, and my eyes are still closed- still kinda sleeping, still kinda awake i hear like really loud rando thoughts/voices/whatever. they go away when i get up and shower and whatnot, but i'm wondering if i'm having those weird hyponogagic or whatever hallucinations, or i'm actually hallucinating. i don't have them during the day, only when i'm in that weird sleep. it's almost like a dream state.


i have a pdoc appt in 2 weeks and you better believe i'll bring it up, but i'm trying int he meantime to get better sleep. i was on trazodone- should i try that to see if it gets me through that weird state? i'm still supposed to be on it (shhhit) but stopped b/c i thought the abilify was working.


sorry for the long post. just trying to figure out my head.

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When I started taking my meds for about a month, I had really weird dreams and almost sleep walking type events including hearing noises that weren't there.  Then it gradually went away.  I do have dreams now for the first time in years and years because I actually am getting decent sleep but they aren't that weird and no sleep walking.

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