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I don't want to go into specifics but a voice told me to do something fairly dangerous today, and I feel bad for not going through with it but I also feel scared because I am worried it will happen again and my self preservation instinct won't work this time. I have also started to hear a new group of voices. With these I am having a very hard time concentrating and also find myself slipping back into a way of being that is not very productive or hygenic. My thoughts don't make sense half the time and I am very concerned about the things I was worried about RE being watched. I have recently seen something that couldn't be real but appeared plain as day. That's not new but it is very rare for me.



I guess I am asking for some advice on how to deal with these things? I am afraid of being found out via my posts but I am in a situation where I need some common sense as to what to do. Please can anyone help? I spoke about this to someone and they said I should tell someone, and I will tell a professional about it. I take medication but it does not get rid of everything. These things have been happening in the last few weeks. Please can anyone offer any advice?

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I don't have a Pdoc at the moment. I am just trying to wait things out until I can speak to someone but I don't know what they can do. Thanks for your reply :)

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I don't have sz as far as I know. I spoke to a professional and they are going to contact a psychiatrist to get medication adjusted. Just going to have to cope some how in the mean time and I'm not sure how. Thank you all for the replies.

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