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Strong desire to return to hospital.

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When were you last in hospital?  It can be hard to adapt to the "real world" again, and it's important to have the support of a psychiatrist and therapist to do that.  It really sounds like you need to be articulating these thoughts out loud to one of your caregivers.

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I've got this overwhelming desire to return to hospital and its eating me up inside, I think about it all the time. I like the attention I get from the hospital staff when I'm manic and the delusions I have when off my medication are pleasant enough. I miss being manic.


Oh I've been there! So many times over the years I've wanted the respite that the hospital offers. Most recently was two years ago. I felt like I could get the emergency helps I so desperately needed there. Unfortunately it wasn't an option at the time and I was forced to power through it. I wish it had been different though.


I think everyone misses the heady intoxication of mania. Remember though, it's great... until it's not. The fallout is tragic and just not worth the euphoria. 

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I know what you mean I've kinda been feeling the exact same way, I want to go back to this particular hospital where I was having pleasant delusions, but I have to remember it's not the hospital I'm missing it's the feeling, I know going to a hospital is a good place to make an official new start but you can turn a new leaf any day. But I know once I get to the hospital I will be wanting to go back home soon anyway, maybe you can find some things to feel good about or start doing different things that make you feel good like I started taking walks outside everyday and it kinda gives me that pleasant feeling I had during that time. :cool:

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