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Housebound to hero, a camel's journey

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My anxiety started in 2007 when it got bad and I became agoraphobic and housebound. I tried therapy, meds, forcing myself out the house all to little avail. This year I found an amazing doctor who also had panic disorder and she taught me a lot and we decided to give meds another try and at a different dose. This has changed my life, as well as meeting an amazing woman who encourages me and makes me happy beyond words.


I now go out anywhere I want, I started my own photography business and I am doing really well and very busy. I have got my passport and I will be travelling to Canada soon!! So yeah, that is where I am at and I look forward to being a part of this awesome forum :)

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You sound like you've found the perfect doc for yourself. Having someone that understands what you're going through helps tremendously--that's sort of the reason most of us are here. Glad you found us and welcome!

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