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Hi guys - I'm new to MI and am freaked but amazed how I feel - my parents have just taken me IP - I haven't felt like this b4 in my life - I feel like I've had drugs and am hallucinating. I'm scared of going but this is my first manic episode and when I put my music on I nearly lost it from laughing and pleasure and had to switch it off. I'm scared as I don't know what to expect, yet don't want this feeling to stop as have battled depression for so many months previously

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I'm a little confused, are you IP right now?


It all depends on the hospital, but I have found going IP to be very helpful.  Its a safe and secure environment to get your meds figured out and, hopefully, get some therapy and support at the same time.


I understand not wanting the mania to end after being depressed for so long.  But the problem is that after mania usually comes another crash.  You will likely get your meds adjusted or new ones added to bring the mania under control.

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Sorry to sound confusing - I was kept in for observation overnight (ed) but the intense feelings didn't last a day - they ended up putting me in short stay overnight for observation and done blood tests and a brain scan then sent me home. They said the mania is meant to last at least 7 days and was probably brought on by insomnia and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). Didn't seem to be concerned that I had never had those intense feelings before and said if I start hallucinating again to see my family dr.

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