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Advice from people who have sought help?

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I don't want to feel afraid of people all the time any more so I really want to go to talk to a GP about options.


If you've been through this before, is it worth it? Does it help?


I really just want to hear from someone who's been through this before as some conformation that it will help.


Edit: just re-read this and it provides no real information on my scenario...

..I can't leave my house anymore, I can't talk to anyone, and I really want to finish my uni course but going in scares the **** out of me and I need help on how to do it - hence the GP (I really don't know where to go or who to see but I'm just going to start with a GP in a nearby clinic).

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I'm assuming that you have not sought help for your now crippling anxiety before  and that seeing the GP is the first move in attempting to recover the ability to function in the world again.                                                                                        

You describe quite severe symptoms and it may take a while, and more than one doctor to find medications and/or other types of treatment, before you begin to make some headway.                                                                                                  

Everyone in this forum has a story of sadness or panic or unreality  ...   but everyone here also shares the hazzards and success's of the journey.                                                                                                                                                                             

If you are new to the world of brain cooties you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about things psycho or neuro medical.

But, yes, you can only begin the trip to wellness and function by going to that appointment with your GP.       Welcome          

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Thankyou for the insight, it's nice to have insight from another person.

I was diagnosed with bpd and severe depression 4 years ago and gave up meds last year when I was ill for 3 weeks and couldn't swallow the pills.


There are hazards? What do you mean?


And thank you very much again for talking to me <3

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I initially went for  anxiety myself, that was the bad part for me, I was used to depression. And I saw my GP at first as well. After trials on a few drugs, she said I might want to look into seeing a psychiatrist because she knew she wasn't qualified to help me through the med game. She was right. And it was cool of her to admit that.


Saw psychiatrist shortly after and was diagnosed with GAD, Social phobia and panic disorder. I got on meds that helped the anxiety eventually. Now, this is 6 years later, granted, but I don't have any of the anxiety diagnoses anymore. I don't think anxiety is any longer a major part of my life, thankfully.


Getting help is hard. The first steps are the hardest part. But it may lead you to great things, and everyone wants those. Yes, there is a point in getting help. Your quality of life very well could and likely will improve vastly without crippling anxiety. That sucks, I've been there, wouldn't want it back. Please get help. You don't have to live like that and you don't want to.

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Thankyou Emperor that was inspirational and you've managed to help me muster up enough courage.

I just called the nearest clinic and I'm going down to register. Trembling so much - ughh FFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffff byefornow


Good job! That's great to hear! Let us know how it goes. Best luck to you. You are very brave!

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That's nice of you to say so :)

Ok so I went, filled out the form - they don't do GP appointments, instead they have something like an open surgery so you just turn up between 8:30am and 10am - or earlier if you want to book an appointment for the afternoon.

That's quite good, so I can just turn up at 8:30am and wait, take it easy. Reduces a lot of the 'do it now do it at this time' stress.

Monday it is.

I'm very appreciative of your moral support - undoubtedly another year would have passed without reassurance from people like you.

I'm sure I'll help people in a similar way when I've got a hold on everything :)

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Yes you will help people! You help people simply posting something they can relate to. 


I'm glad you posted. This site has helped me so much, really. The people, they might tell me things that are hard to hear sometimes, but I need to know them. Ha ha. Also the advice and perspective can be wonderful. This place was the reason I finally saw a doctor in the first place. This place is often the reason I call the doctor when I need to. It's a great place. I hope you stick around here.

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Genome   ...   well you are already tackling one of the most common hazzards.   Finding the strength, courage and trust to seek professional help.  

Another huge hazzard is to recognise that the cranky brain actually needs lifetime help.      When our symptoms abate (a little or a lot) it is powerfully seductive to assess that improvement as evidence that we are 'better' and no longer need the drugs    The reality is that the medications are working well and need to be maintained for as long as they are effective.


It almost never takes just one bullet to treat a crippling mental mess ... hence the cocktail of meds that most of us take.   And even when we find a good combination of meds they will eventually need tweaking to remain effective   ...   a bit more/ a bit less/ an additional drug or one less.


Everyone here knows how frightening and exhausting it is to live with anxiety, panic and depression.   And although the diagnostic criteria pretend to make definitive classifications of our brain cooties it remains a fact that the labels we get landed with are descriptive, arbitrary and imprecise.                                        


Our pdocs treat a bundle of our most prominent symptoms and we have to trust them to be  knowledgable, perceptive and compassionate.  The aim of treatment is to relieve the crushing anxiety and depression so that you can function in society and can experience pleasure and the occasional moment of joy. 














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Genome, yes therapy for SAD helps. Yes you can get better. Yes you can have a better quality of life. Yes things that seem impossible for you right now can become possible. Yes you can become a more comfortable, social person. I highly recommend group CBT.


Below are a couple links to things people on this board have written about their own experiences with CBT for SAD. I hope these encourage you.




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Just, if they do think something bad (which I doubt) you think they'll tell you? How would you know? I don't think they'll think anything bad at all. It's part of their job to listen to you and take your concerns into serious consideration and try to help you. That's what they do. They aren't there to judge you, they can help. Please do go tomorrow. 


It fucking sucks to not know how something is going to turn out, I know that. But is it better to find out how it's going to turn out or to not find out? What if what you find out is that you'll get better? 


Totally worth the shot. It's hard to leave the house when you're that way, I know. Please try your best to think of it as a positive thing that could result in good things for you in the long run. The short term feeling of being very uncomfortable and anxious is a price you'll pay, yeah. But the long term stuff, the helpful stuff, that's what you want.


I was like that for a while too, I know that's it's hard and painful. But it could be totally worth it. I hope you go!

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Okay Genome, instead of trying to get what other people will think out of your head, or ignore it, or distract yourself, sit with the thought for a little while, let the thought be there, and try an exercise.


Finish this sentence: if I go there, they will think __________________. Write down all that you think they would think or might think. Really think about it and Write it out in full.


Next, of the answer you gave, maybe you gave a multipart answer, so decide which one thing they would think about you is the one you find most distressing.


Next, let's pretend you go there and they actually DO think that about you - the thing that distresses you the most. If they think that about you, then what does that say about you as a person. About who or what you are. Write it out in full.


I have to go right now but There is more to this exercise. If you want to do this exercise then I will check back in later with more.

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Haven't tried this, and right now am willing to do whatever might make this easier:

If I go there, they will think:

-There's something wrong with me.

-I'm a freak.

-I'm a failure, I have no right to ask for help, I have no pride.

-I'm weak.

-They could be helping someone with real problems, not some idiot who can't think right - pointless waste of space, broken

-Pathetic pathetic pathetic you can't talk to people.


It means I don't fit in - people don't want me around, I don't deserve to be a part of what everyone enjoys because I'm not the same and I'll be alone. I already think it, it's the conclusion I've come to - if someone says it aswell it has to be true and there's no point in being me anymore I have to leave I can't do it.


--I've taken some time to calm down so I'm going to try this again using a more rational approach: If they thought that then it means I appear to them as someone who cannot control their emotions (and my mind is telling me they would think I probably never will). What does their take really say about me as an individual?  That I'm different from them, that I'm so strange that even a doctor or receptionist, real people, don't like me or see flaws in me. As for who I am, it means I don't fit in with other people.

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You've made a good start. Good job!


Let's put your rational approach on the back burner for now. We want to deal with your raw automatic thoughts, which are the other things you wrote down.


So, if people think there is something wrong with you, that you're different, that you're flawed, that you don't know how to talk to people, that you don't fit in, that you're strange, and if it's true that people don't want you around, then what will happen to you because of it? I'm asking you to take your thoughts to their logical conclusion as you see it. If all those things are true about you, then ultimately what will happen to you in this life you're trying to live? Please give this some thought and write it out in full.


I'd like you to really try to feel this. How does your answer to the last question make you FEEL. Describe the emotions and how intense they are. On a scale of 1-10 how distressing are these emotions to you?


Gotta go again. Back later.

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If people don't want me around (10) - I will fail this year at uni again and will actually be kicked out, this is my last chance [already repeating a year] I don't find it difficult I just CAN'T be there there's too many people (10+). I won't go back to minimum wage I can't do that again(9), I became so unstable that I'd feel stable and someone would kindly offer me something like early break and I'd end up crying because it was so kind or someone would make fun of me saying I seem on drugs just because I was being who I thought they expected and I couldn't handle it. Who says that? I'll leave the country I'll go somewhere where I can get drugs, I'll try everything I haven't tried up to this point and I think I'll find a way to die. I'll give everything I have left to my parents because although I resent them, they've invested in me and it's unfair to them to lose so much (10). I'd probably send a letter as well, but not one to everyone, just a general letter explaining why I left stressing it's no one's fault.


If I couldn't bring myself to leave the country then I'd just jump off the bridge, I came pretty close to jumping up onto the side last week but I know I can try going to the doctor first. It would be so nice not to feel or have any thoughts (10+), so uncomplicated - really I hope going to the doctor will lead to me having some way of removing these thoughts and feelings of uneasiness.


I've had suicidal thoughts for what seems like constantly all day for the past 5 years. When I'm on the bridge what I feel is really nice, I feel reassured that I can make everything alright just by walking off. Its a bit like when you're seriously tired, you've stayed up for 20 hours or so and you finally convince yourself to get into bed, it's like the best thing ever you are so relaxed, your mind stops for a moment, you're at ease and happy that you're going to sleep almost excited at the prospect of dreaming and going to another place (10).


I want to disappear (10). How fucking pathetic. At the same time I don't want to be this way (4) but I feel like the glasses I look through are blurring - surely everyone can't be so different? It's got to be a joke right? (9) - I'm not entirely convinced this is a set-up, but the more time that passes the more it seems like this world isn't real. Most things I feel are as much as possible, like the feeling is who you are, everything about you feels that way. The things that aren't 10 here are things I have doubts about. That 9: feasibility, surely it's more likely things are real? There's so much detail. That 4: is it guilt? I don't feel it's possible for me to feel normal anymore no matter what happens, I feel it's more likely that the best compromise I'll get is to remove racing thoughts and the feelings from my mind (10).

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I am sorry you are in so much pain Genome. This problem must be extremely distressing to you. It must feel sometimes like there is no way out.

Actually there is another way out. Just trust me. You can have a better quality of life.


But for right now please have a look here. http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/forum-29/announcement-2-if-youre-suicidal-and-need-help-now/


I want you to write down the phone number that applies to you. Whenever you feel suicidal, I want you to call that number. Their whole purpose for existing is to talk to people like you when you're feeling suicidal. Are you able to make phone calls?

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As I said, there is a way out.

Tons of people have come before you with this problem. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been peer reviewed and scientifically validated many times on many people similar to you as an effective treatment for your problem. It works. So you have good reason to feel hope.


You said this is your last chance. But things can be different now because a new opportunity has opened up for you that wasn't there before.

I don't know if you can accept what I'm about to say, and I'm not just trying to say something to make you feel better, it's actually the truth. Maybe you can't accept this right now, but I hope small part of you can hear me when I say the problem is not you. You think it's you, but it's not. The problem is the pattern of your thoughts. You've been using a certain thinking style for a long long time. This thinking style is so deeply engrained that its automatic to you and seems totally persuasive to you. You've been living this way for a long time because Nobody ever showed you how to think differently. When you teach your mind how to think differently, the outcome changes.


I say again, the problem is not you, it is your thinking style (the same thinking style you share with other people with social anxiety disorder), and if you change your thinking style, the outcome, your future, changes. Things that were impossible become possible.


This means you are actually not as trapped as you think you are and your situation is not as hopeless as you think it is.


So you're missing some things, and all the things you're missing can be learned. In a nutshell, what you are missing are skills. Just some skills that nobody ever taught you.


In CBT you will learn how to practice these skills and begin experiencing changes.

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Back to the exercise.


So there's your GP and her receptionist. The GP might see 30 people in a day. Receptionist might see 100-200 people in a day. However many, you're not the only person they see. So you walk in there and check in with the receptionist, and he tells you to have a seat. A little while later you get called back to see the doctor. You explain your problem, answer some questions, get some advice, then you leave and after maybe 10-15 mins. the encounter is over.


From what you've written before, you're concluding in advance of the encounter that the receptionist and GP are going to make specific negative judgments about you. Your mind has already decided exactly what they're going to think.


1. But If you wanted to know what ANY person thought about ANY thing EVER, what would you have to ask them to do? What is your answer?


2. Question. Are you a really good mind reader? Or is your mind making a "thinking error?" What is your answer?


3. Are there ANY other possibilities of what they might think of you? Please write out about 5 other different REALISTIC possibilities of what they might think about you that are not negative judgments about you.

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