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Zyprexa and Abilify together

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Has anyone had this combo? If so how do you like it? Or would you recommend using one over the other? What do you think?

Here's my current cocktail as of now:


Ativan-2mg at bed and 2mg prn

Lamictal-100mg and rising

Zyprexa-5mg and possibly rising

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Zyprexa is my emergency med. I cannot stay on it long-term because of the weight issue. I've taken it with all sorts of different med combinations including the ones you're currently on. You may want to consider taking the zydis version if you plan on staying on it long-term. Not everyone has weight issues with Zyprexa. If you find that you do, you might want to ask about adding Metformin.

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It kicks in almost immediately for me. Usually, I'll feel significantly better the next day. 


Same for me, but the dose has to be high enough.


How are you doing?


I generally have to take more than 5 mg. It's wise to start there though. Hope you're feeling better!

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