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Are there genes or a combination thereof for depression?  Is there a chromosome special to melancholia flavored MDD?

Just found this fascinating abstract that appears to address ALL of my questions.  Cannot wait to read it all, but....even when I do there are many many terms alien to my job profession.


If anyone has the time or the inclination or the urge to tell me in understandable readable shortable sentences

what this means, that would be wonderful.


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I read the abstract.  That is very important research.  I note it was from 2003.  I wonder what progress

the researchers have made in the last ten years?  Ultimately there will be physical markers to help

identify mental illness.  Eventually, but you and I might be old ladies by then.


There is much progress on this issue with Breast Cancer

but sadly there is a lot less money for research for mental illness

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I admit, I didn't read all of it. But I was led to believe that some people are genetically predisposed, and that illness is a combination of nature and nurture. If they could do something about the original genes, nurture would not longer be a factor.


Sorry I am a little sleepy right now.

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