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Metformin interacting with other meds....adderall? Vistaril? Namenda?Latuda?

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My doctor started me back on Metformin yesterday for weight control. I took 500mg with breakfast this morning, and I've felt exhausted all day. I've been on it before, and I don't remember feeling this way. She also increased my Adderall to 90mg from 60mg, which I started today, and I don't feel like the Adderrall is working at all today. I can't concentrate and just feel like I want to nap. I only take 20mg of Lexapro, 10mg of Namenda, the Adderall, and the Metformin in the morning.


I think the Metformin is affecting the Adderall. Has anyone ever taken the two together before? Why isn't the Adderrall working? Could the Metformin be interacting with the Namenda and making me tired? Could last night's meds be interacting with the Metformin? She increased my Vistaril to 150mg, which I took last night with 500mg of Metformin, and I felt fine. Could the Latuda from last nigh interact with Metformin? Again I felt fine last night.


I'm on a ton of meds, so who knows what it is. Maybe I should try taking my Metformin at night only. Anyone know if it will still work with once a day dosing?

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Metformin ER can be taken once a day. The regular is shorter acting and should be taken more often as prescribed. If you are not on the extended release, talk to your doc before changing the times per day that you take it.


I take Metformin ER at night with Lamictal, Latuda and Klonopin along with other non-psych meds. I take Adderall I the morning. I did not notice an increase in sedation when I started Metformin, but I can be hard to sedate. I also didn't take it in the morning.

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