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Lithium 5 day blood test help

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I should have clarified this with my doctor but I didn't think of it. Can someone clarify the timing of the 5 day test? Do I take my dose for 5 full days and get my blood drawn on the morning of the 6th day ? Or do I take full dose (morning and night) for 4 days and go on the morning of the 5th day?

Confused. Thank you if you can help!

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Go in on the morning of the 6th. Take as your lithium as usual, but take last dose 12 hours before your blood draw and just before your next morning dose.


i.e. when I go in for my blood tests, I schedule them for 8:30a.m.  I take my last dose of lithium 8:30 the night before and don't take my morning dose until after my blood draw.


I take 1350mg. 750mg in the morning and 600mg in the evening.


Hope this helps.


It's all about peaks and troughs when it comes to therapeutic drug monitoring.  Also, when in doubt, call the lab on things like this since they  drawing the blood and running the tests.  You are apt to get a more accurate response.


That's what they taught me in phlebotomy school. ;)

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Thank you! That is a perfect response. I have my test scheduled Friday so I'll start the increase tomorrow morning.

I'm currently on 300 bid going up to 450 bid. My level was only .3 on the last draw. I'm hoping it doesn't jump up too much with this change. Lithium scares me (although it's working).

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I would start today. 'Five days' isn't about precision other than that your doc believes it is long enough to establish a steady state so that the results represent your level going forward on that dose. The issue is more that you take it long enough than that you wait until exactly five days before the test.. The increase is to help you. Why wait to start helping yourself.

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