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Love sleep more than anything else now

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I can relate to this. I've had this problem every since starting risperidone in hospital which was about a year ago.


I don't seem to be tired but prefer to go to bed early just because I can't find anything worthwhile to do. Then I force myself to stay in bed in the morning until midday because I don't want to face having to occupy myself for the day. I find dreaming about weird stuff while asleep my only enjoyable activity in a 24 hour period.


I've started uni this month and nothing has changed, I can't bring myself to study as I feel so apathetic, unmotivated and feel like i'm not capable. I think this is due to the medication because I wasn't like this in my 1st and 2nd year when I wasn't taking it.


In social situations I can't think of anything witty or interesting to say and prefer to isolate myself.


The trouble is I don't think i'm living my life, just drifting along day by day not really engaging with the world or taking an interest in it. It all just seems like a waste of time and sometimes think what it would be like to be dead instead of enduring this. I forced myself to cry yesterday. I think i'd rather be depressed than live this "comfortably miserable half-life". I'd have just as much fun in prison.


I can't think of any advice to give you otherwise i'd be doing it myself but all I can say is try to get that risperidone reduced or changed for something else as I think it's the cause of your problems and i don't think it will blow over as i have been the same for a year now. I also note that you've been thinking about taking a stimulant. I think this might be a good idea and have been wondering whether i should be on one too.



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MI is never easy to figure out....  Risperdal can be sedating, but the desire to sleep all the time can be a symptom of depression, too. I didn't find R that sedating and when straight depressed, all I want to do is sleep, but that's me.

Me too. Sleeping that much is depression for me. 

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