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Hello everyone!  A friend of mine from the Book of Face recommended that I check out this forum.  I've been on a few touchy-feely forums and I honestly am tired of hearing about how I should be taking my meds (because finding one that works is so easy) and that If I really had a problem, I'd deal with the side effects.  


I've been diagnosed with every type of depression disorder under the sun and likely a few made up ones.  I'm on the autism spectrum  which adds it's own twist to figuring out how to deal with life in general.  


I'd say more but I'm kind of at a low point in the cycle so figuring out what to put is difficult.  Plus it's 4:30 am...


So yeah, hello!

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Hi, Toaster and welcome to Crazyboards.


I ask all new members to read the User Agreement.  I imagine that you read it when you signed up, so if you did, I'll shut up about it now.


We do encourage people to take their meds, but it certainly isn't easy when they don't work, or the side effects are crummy.  I hope you can find an effective combination, but I know it isn't easy to hit that delicate balance.


Let us know if we can help you with something.  We have an active chat room and a blog section, if you feel like talking or blogging.



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Welcome Toast!


I emphasize with the diagnostic cluster-fuck. Having a neurodevelopmental and/or neurological disorder on top of a mood disorder is difficult to treat. What the mood meds are supposed to treat doesn't, and vise versa.


You will get pro med stuff here (from me also :P). But not so much of the "finding meds is easy" or "the side affects are supposed to be worse than your disease" bullshit. Rather, it's more on the side of "don't give up" and "this shit really can work, if you find the right cocktail that fits your brain".


You'll like it here (: stick around!


Also, is that your tattoo?? It's interesting!

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Welcome! Hope you got some sleep.


We don't do the touchy-feely thing here. I've been known to kick people out of chat for giving hugs (all in fun though). ;) 


The topic of meds comes up a LOT. We are a pro-med site; however, we also know that the side effects can really suck and that sometimes, they suck so much that you need to try something else, repeatedly. 

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Hello everyone!  


I've been diagnosed with every type of depression disorder under the sun and likely a few made up ones.  I'm on the autism spectrum  which adds it's own twist to figuring out how to deal with life in general.  



So yeah, hello!


Hello and welcome.

Depressive illness I know, though that's quiet at present, 

And I was diagnosed with a "solid" case of Asperger's at the age of 48.

(I'd asked if the diagnosis might be marginal)

That at least helped me understand *why* considerable parts of my previous existence had only made limited amounts of sense.



I take as a basic guide to the world:

"Mankind are a herd of knaves and fools. 

It is necessary to join the crowd,or get out of their way,

In order not to be trampled to death by them."

William Hazlitt.


(therefore a bit in the way of acquired social skills, as camouflage more than as surrender,  

and finding my own niche places and interests  (and people) away from the mainstream.)


Regards, Chris.

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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!  @The Girl, yes, my profile picture is my recent addition to the tattoo tapestry.  I started getting tattoos right at 18 as an alternative to self harm.  Not the best coping mechanism in the world, but it did work back then and got me really thinking about my relationship with pain.  I get them sporadically, I got one at 18, two at 19 and then didn't get another one until after 30 (30 was one of those "crisis" years).  This one (#5) I got partially as a symbol of some major breakthroughs I have experienced with the help of my wonderful therapist.  


I wish I could find something legal that works when it comes to meds.  It seems like when one thing finally starts to work, it completely screws up something else.  Celexa turned me into an uncaring sociopath but I sure did feel happy about it.  <_<  Zoloft made me hallucinate, which in a way is fun but it got distracting and dangerous, especially since I work with heavy machines and electricity for a living.  During an IP stay at a questionable facility, I was given an unknown "mood stabilizer" that caused all sorts of problems, the worst of which was that it made me unable to stay awake for more than a couple of hours.   Now in the not-so-legal realm, I've found a few things that do really help with the depression end of things but my social anxiety goes through the roof.  Conversely anything that makes me into a social butterfly also makes me incredibly manic and impulsive.  Six in one, half a dozen in the other, lol. When I was younger, I did drink a LOT but that's because I so desperately wanted a social life and alcohol makes me a chatty Cathy.  Of course it also made me a promiscuous and opinionated Cathy that people would tire of unless they were drunk too.  It was also trashing my health and it did cause problems that I'm still dealing with. 


Wow, didn't mean to write that much.  :surprised:  Again, thank you all for the warm welcome.

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@Toast I am a big fan of tattoos, and well art & music in general. The piece in the picture is pretty damn cool ;) I can understand the reasoning on your tattoos, to replace self harm. I SI'd for a couple of years myself, and even though I did not replace it with tattoos, I understood my own relationship with pain when I began to get my own (I only have 2 *for now*).


I also get the med issue, many meds either send me in a hypomanic stage or a depression kick, or even a severe mixes episode. Many of times, I have to be on a cocktail of a few meds just to even things out and get what I need from a single med.


You will really like it here! You should check out the blogs, its a cool feature of CB.


See you around Miss Fyre :)

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