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Akathisia fixed - not caused - by low AM doses of seroquel/quetiapine?

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I know generally, for a lot of people, it's the other way around and that antipsychotics can cause it. I had pretty bad Akathisia prior to being prescribed a quite low (50mg) dose of quetiapine split into two 25mg doses - AM and PM. I found that, at first, the morning dose put me into a horrible in-between state where the inner restlessness was still ever-present but the sedating effect of the meds stopped me from moving as I routinely did to find relief. After a few weeks, though, it began to apply to the restless feeling too, and I no longer felt the need to keep moving. Has anyone else experienced this? Curious to see whether it was, in fact, the seroquel that stopped it when I was on the med since Akathisia's been back after stopping cold turkey. :)

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