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I'm Benedict from near London, and the older i get the more difficult things become.

I was always the odd kid at school and alone at home, the way that i am always made me feel safe. But now after 13 years ( started at 14...now 27 ) i have two kids and I'm seeing what problems being the way i am causes me for the sake of them.

Always self harmed, either cutting or mentally abusing my self and suffering. I feel emotionally numb and i make my self hurt just to feel anything...i rarely even feel anything for my kids :( ...every time i have been on medication i have either not taken them or taken as many as i can.

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And that's the biggest problem i have...friends and family...

When i got with the mother of my two children she was very jealous, and as i was so happy ( as being with people don't come easy ) the few mates i had gave up on me ( the only one with mental health issues killed her self ).

And now as we're not together, I'm without family and friends...

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Welcome! I hope you stick around. We have a lot of people here that have struggled with some of the same issues. You'll find we are a caring group of people but we don't sugarcoat. 


There is a pinned posting about SE that I point people to quite often. I'll go find it again... hang on. Well, there are a bunch of pinned postings so I'm going to give you the main page: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/forum/30-self-injury-the-cutting-board/. You should start with this one though: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/55018-updated-self-harm-board-guidelines-please-read-this-before-posting/. Hope you can find something that helps.

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I think sylvan gave you some good links and I hope they are helpful.


Please be sure to read the user agreement so you understand how we operate.  I ask all new members to do this---I'm not singling you out. :)


Life sounds pretty dreary for you right now, and I hope you are seeking therapy.  Medication can be really helpful, but therapy is also helpful and at times, necessary.


I'm glad you came here.



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Thanks everyone...life was good for the first year of my life then just destructive since then, i think if i gave anyone a quick rundown of my life most people wouldn't believe me...i also always read the user agreements so thanks for the heads up :)

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