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Use of antiepileptic just for a few days and c� clical?

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After 7 years on psychiatric meds (zyprexa and lexapro) my pdoc hasnt solved my main problem. I feel very bad during ovulation and menstruation. Unlike most women I feel well during PMS. Doing my research, It said that taking antiepileptics during ovulation and menstruation might help. I was wondering if I can take antiepileptics cíclically during the days of ovulation and menses. Or i have to take them every day or I wouldl have withdrawal symptoms every time I stop ?

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Considering the mention of Anticonvulsants specifically, I believe you may be referring to Interictal Dysphonic Disorder? As for actual bases of that theory, I really have no idea and I hope other people can chime in. As for theory, I know it is seen in conjunction with Epilepsy.


I read about it a few years ago & skimmed through it to reply, so excuse some of my randomness.


For your question: treating the disorder I was referring to, the Anticonvulsants are used as an every day medication. And usually an anti-depressant is used with it.

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