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My pdoc gave me Adderall to try even though he didn't think it would work for me.   I talked about it in another post.

Well it appears to work just fine.  I have a couple questions.


My morning dose works great, everything I could ever hope for. My afternoon dose works halfway.  Still better than nothing, but does anyone else know about this?  Is there a reason, or anything I can do that might help boost the effectiveness? I have been taking it about noon.


I take 10mg each time.  Oh yeah, this is my second day taking it.


I don't see my pdoc for 4 weeks and even though I could call him, I don't want to yet. 


While I don't really want to call my pdoc, I'm wondering if I should because for another reason.


My daughter is getting married the beginning of November.  She got engaged less than a week ago so it's very stressful trying to get this wedding together in less than 4 weeks.  While the Adderall has worked wonders in the morning I wonder if I should call my doctor to increase the dosage.  I do take klonopin for the anxiety.


My questions is - what is your opinion (not medical advice) and/or your experience with Adderall?  Should I just give it more time to see if it has a stronger affect, does it build up?  It doesn't seem to. 


My mind is so jumble I'm not sure if I phrased my questions properly. 


BTW,  I actually fell asleep after taking my second dose today  LOL

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It could be that the morning dose is doing more to wake you up so seems to be more effective. Also, do you take it with food? The difference could be the amount of food you eat. More food equals slower absorption which could seem like a change in efficacy at such a low dose, especially compared to no food. There also is what you are eating as Sylvan suggested.


10mg is not a very high dose. It would not be unusual for you to need more. I also strongly recommend that when you see your doc, request the extended release version. That short acting stuff makes me crazy and can be destabilizing bipolar-wise to many that I know. Be careful.

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I'm experimenting with my morning food/drink.  I always drink 1 cup of coffee while I'm waking up.  Not that it ever really wakes me up its more of a habit.  I don't ever drink more than that.  I usually have something for breakfast like cream of wheat, oatmeal, cereal (if we don't have the junk kind), toast.  I have issues with my stomach in the morning so I have to be careful and eat very slowly.  It seems that after my coffee and before my food is the best option.  I cannot believe how clear and quiet my head is  :)


I appreciate all the help.  I will definitely ask him about the extended release.  I go back in about 4 weeks.

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So much for that :(


The last couple days have been awful.  Definitely not clear headed and focused.  I've been really weak/fatigued, sleepy, depressed.  I slept 12 hours last night and took a 2 hour nap today. 


How much is the Adderall and how much is the stress of planning a wedding for my daughter in 4 weeks I don't know.  I took 5mg this morning and that will be the end of it.  After doing a lot of research on the internet I have decided that I don't want Adderall.  But that is just me, I'm not bashing the med itself.



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I have now been taking Adderall the last couple of weeks or so.  Pdoc had decided to up the dosage twice now.  Still IR but 3x's a day, 15mg each time.  I believe that was part of what helped get me though the wedding.  Since I upped my dosage a bit, I ran out.  I tried to stretch out what I had left.  I go see him tomorrow and he should give me another rx  I tried for the past three days to get through his office, but I can't go into it, I will get really mad.

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