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I have BP I. When I tried taking it long-term for maintenance, it didn't work out. I was an insatiably hungry zombie. Not saying that's how it is for everyone, clearly, but it was for me. I have a prescription of it to take in the event I start becoming hypo/manic, because it knocks that shit out within a day or so of taking it. I usually take a 3-5 day course of it, in the PM, at 10mg. And it (usually, though not always - case in point, this summer it didn't help stop a catastrophic mixed episode that left me hospitalized) nips any trending toward mania in the bud. 

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I had a good experience with this med. I was also on wellbutrin with it. For the first week people thought my behavior was a bit odd, but I adjusted to the med I suppose.


Just one 2.5mg pill and the next morning although feeling a bit hung over my anxiety was 90% gone. Very effective at tiny doses for me. The most I was taking was 5mg.

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I took it off-label for anxiety. It seemed to work for general anxiety but not the social phobia that was the main problem. I felt very zombie like and I was hungry like I'd never been hungry before. I gained about 30lbs/15kg over a few weeks on 5mg a day.

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