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My dad has suffered from depression for a very long time (and possibly also bipolar). Unfortunately he will not share his diagnosis with any of his family members. He had tried every combination of antidepressants, but nothing seemed to work. Last year he started to take Deplin and his depression greatly improved, although the Deplin seems to have heightened everything about his personality and at times he seems manic. In recent months he's become irritable and verbally abusive to his closest family members and most recently started to become physically abusive, pushing my mother during an argument. I've known my dad all his life and he has never had any abusive tendencies. He gave me multiple long lectures as a kid about how it was never right to put your hands on a women, yet he's done a complete 180 in the last year. I fear that the Deplin (which is the one thing that has pulled him out of his depression) is now causing him to act irrationally and have increased irritability and anger. He's recently stopped going to his pdoc and continues to tell everyone how Deplin has cured him, yet his family members know a very different story.

I'm looking for anyone who has had any similar experiences with Deplin and any general advice anyone can give. I certainly don't want him to go off the Deplin and spiral into depression, but I fear if he continues to take it that he'll do serious damage to his relationships with myself and others. Thanks to anyone who has read this. I'm hopeful my family can figure this out and we can get him back to a place of stability.

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