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If I had a goal to work out 5 days a week and I am on Depakote wouldn't it be best for me to take the dosage at nighttime since it causes drowsiness? Also I take Hydroxyzine and Atenolol for anxiety and they also cause drowsiness so maybe I can wait to take those two until after I exercise. I really need to lose some weight and this is why I am asking this. The doctor originally ordered for me to take it at night anyways, but the only reason I decided to take it along with my other meds in the morning is because I was too lazy to take medicine twice during the day. Stupid I know! So I guess I have kind of answered my own question, but does anyone think it would make a difference since the dosage would be taken at night and the drowsiness pretty much would be gone by the next day? I need to lose 60 pounds and I am bound and determined to get it done at least by the middle of next year or earlier. Also any tips would be nice. I need to keep my diet in check but I am talking about medwise. i know this is not a fitness forum lol.


Schizoaffective Depressive Type


Depakote 1500mg Risperdal 2mg Wellbutrin XL 300mg Citalopram 10mg Hydroxyzine 50mg 3x daily and Atenolol 10mg 3x daily

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Talk with your doctor about any changes before making them but yes, Depakote makes more sense at night if it causes drowsiness for you. Again though, there may be some reason we don't know that your doctor wants you taking it in the morning, so it's best to check with him first.

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yup. i'm in a similar thing - seroquel causes dizziness, and that's the last thing you need when you're trying to do balances in a heated room in the name of bikram yoga.


so yeah - take your drugs at night - i time it at around 8-9pm, in order to sleep and be up and functional at around 5am, exercising proper 6-7.30 at yoga.


pills with food (pre prepped protein shake, whatever...) after would probably be a good way to go


btw - it's smart to ask exercise questions on the crazyboards methinks - as i don't know about anyone else here, but definitely for me - every dang mental health practitioner is always checking that i'm exercising. it's meant to help with your mental health, and worst case scenario - you're still feeling shit, but you look a lot better as a result of all the exercise.

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