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How to deal with Intense Hallucinations - HELP?

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Hello everyone,


Today I experienced my most vivid and scary hallucination that I have ever had.  I went upstairs to my room to find a girl sitting on my bed.  I freaked out, started screaming, ran downstairs extremely shaken up, cried, flipped out, went upstairs again - she was gone.

Now I know that the way I dealt with my hallucination was based on fear and perhaps isn't the best way to react to a full-blown hallucination like that.  I need help figuring out how to deal with hallucinations that are both scary, strong, and intensely vivid to the point of fear.  If something like this were to happen at work, I would be completely lost and full of fear and do not know how to cope with such vivid hallucinations.  I don't want to lose my job over these hallucinations and the fear that comes from them.


How do you guys deal with VERY intense hallucinations?  I am at a loss on how to react and was wondering if you guys had some suggestions on how to cope.

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I wish I had better words of wisdom but the only thing I can think of is that I eventually got used to it.  When I was a young child, I had vivid hallucinations like you described but for some reason I never was afraid.  When I started to experiment with drugs, the hallucinations were very similar.  The only time I had ever been truly scared was when all five senses were involved with the hallucination.  I didn't have any sense telling me that it all wasn't real, even the smells seemed real.  During this hallucination, I encountered a boy BBQing inside my house.  I was more freaked out about the raging fire in my living room than the non-existent child.  Everything felt so real, including the smell of charcoal and the heat from the fire. 


I guess what helped me is finding some sense (touch, taste, smell) that is grounded in reality and focusing on that.  Also focusing on the fact that a visual hallucination won't hurt you helps too, but only after establishing the boundaries of reality.  It took me years and years of practice, though. I can imagine that going from not hallucinating to what you describe would be really scary and hard to deal with. 

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It's hard, that's for sure. I get voices shouting at me to kill myself or rip skin off my body at times. In fact this was just happening to me and I had to go IP to get it to stop.

I try distraction like knitting. But that doesn't work all the time and only works when the voices are mild.

Otherwise I learned in IP to do mindfulness grounding techniques. Like feel the floor under your feet. Feel your hands resting on your jeans. It helps you stay present in the moment and also keeps me from spacing out and completely giving in to the voices. I'm not sure how it would work with visual hallucinations but I would give it a try.

Also ask your pdoc or tdoc for techniques. And maybe you can get a PRN from your pdoc as well.

Just some ideas to talk over with your treatment team.

Sorry you are having a rough time with hallucinations.

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hey mashko

i have florid ones as well

and it's a mixed bag as far as dealing with them

for years i didn't see them as such

so i think awareness of it being a hallucination is maybe a positive?

though...i'm not going to offer some paean to fucking insight

anyway...if you retain the wherewithal to recognize as such

and you can reason with self

cbt can help you with the fight/flight response

reality testing can help with figuring out what's what

IF you have someone trusted


soz i just saw this but i do relate and i hope you're doing ok x


PS: saw cheese's response and regarding the prn med...zyprexa dissolvables do a pretty bang up job for me more often than not...you could inquire further if you think that might be a route to investigate

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