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Body image

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What an asshole. 


The hardest thing in the world is to be happy with yourself.  Being a certain weight might be chased as a way to get that, but I don't think it ever works.  You can feel healthier, or more able to do certain things, more self-confident - but happiness has to come from within. 

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You co-worker has zero manners!


I agree with jarn that changing one's body is not the key to finding fulfillment or contentment.


It helps me to continually focus on aspects of myself about which I do feel confident.  We all have jiggly spots, scars, or something that we have trouble accepting as a part of ourselves.  I like to remind myself of my better qualities and that I am perfectly flawed, just like everybody else.


It's a process.

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Wow, I can't believe your co-worker said that to you. How insensitive. I have found exercising and eating healthy to help my confidence and body image, even though I haven't managed to lose my stomach fat. Somehow I just feel a lot better. And even if I still have tummy fat, at least it's not my fault, ya know? I've also put on muscle which kind of balances it all out, a bit. 

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You're obviously the better person. Belly fat is fairly common, especially in women, and hardest to get rid of. He apparently doesn't know what pregnant looks like, anyways.


What an ASSHOLE. Who says shit like that? I bet he doesn't have a girlfriend with a mouth like that. I bet he's insecure.

Stay strong. Ignore the jerk.


Hmm.. Random suggestion. If it sucks, yell at me. Different clothing for different body types can help. Some body types look good in one thing, others in another. Try googling, find out your body type, what styles work, and go try on lots of clothes. Experiment. Go thrift shopping, which is even MORE fun than a lot of boring trendy stores that carry the same stuff! You can get a lot more and its more unique. It's amazing what that'll do for you. Get a friend to go with and cheer you on. It's fun. Even if you buy nothing, you'll have an idea, and a day out.


Please don't feel self conscious over some jerks comment. Don't beat yourself up.

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