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Dreams and memories mix severely!

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Hi there,

This is my first post here on CrazyBoards so here we go...


A little background: Im 19 years of age and do have a history of heavy mood swings and depression (but never been on meds), I have a history of drug use but i'm well away from that now :). I'm athletic and have a very good diet and drink about once a week (also a university student).


Over the past year my dreams and reality/memories have been becoming more and more mixed. Ive read a few post on a few forums about similar problems but none as bad as mine. It's gotten to the point where I will create a long lasting, strong relationship with an imaginary person, know everything about them, recall our history together and everything, only to wake up and think its real. I will only realise later on, say after breakfast, that I don't have there number, or anyone else by that name, and drive my self crazy thinking about it, thinking, its so real! Not just this but also smaller things like day to day memories, tasks and encounters. It's becoming so worrying! My life isn't particularly stressful anymore, so I think I can rule out stress, my diet and physical health is great so I doubt those either...


Could somebody please help nudge me in the right direction? 


Thank you so much in advance,


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Hi George,


I've also had issues with mixing dreams and reality, waking up from those ones can be so confusing... I've never had anything like creating a relationship with an imaginary person from a dream though, not even read about that, that is new. Everything else dream/reality-wise, I can relate to.


I've asked more than one psychiatrist about my dreams (actually nightmares in my case), my worry was that they could trigger a psychotic episode (I've FINALLY been diagnosed with Psychotic Disorder NOS). I've been assured they cannot, dreams are just dreams apparently; even if days pass and the memory of it all still confuses me and scares the sh*t out of me.


In any case, if this continues and since it is clearly bothering you, as someone else told me here on CB: find someone to talk about it! Maybe a friend first? Although from what you are describing I would recommend paying a visit to a psychiatrist.








[btw, you say you are away from drugs but drink alcohol every now and then, that is an oxymoron, alcohol is a drug ; )]

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I was never much into drinking, except at uni years : P

Now I can still drink a few beers but not get drunk, as per the recommendation of 4/5 psychiatrists I've seen.

Not that one said yes, we just didn't talk about it.

I'm not saying a drug like alcohol could be a problem for you, I doubt it, but anyways my opinion in that doesn't matter. However, from your description of doubting reality, that sounds familiar to my stuff... so that's the why of my recommendation.

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Also, you might wanna check out other posts about dreams on CB.


I couldn't sleep so I found you some where dreams getting mixed with reality are mentioned/described:





http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/64067-psychotic-nightmare/ (which I started) and



Maybe they're not really relevant to your question, I'm having doubts now... OK, I'll post them, but hey, I don't wanna scare you; BIG SORRY if I am, let me know and I'll delete this.

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