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severe morning anxiety

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so i know BP and anxiety go hand in hand. i tend to get really anxious when i'm hypo.


long story short, i stopped taking trazodone because abilify was knocking me out. however, i would have really vivid nightmares and EXTREME morning anxiety, OCD like symptoms, and hearing voices as i was waking up.


started taking trazodone again and boom, almost all symptoms are gone. this makes me wonder if i should consider an SSRI or something besides abilify and xanax. BUT i've tried almost all of them and they make me irritable. 


does anyone take trazodone as an SSRI type treatment (i know it isn't one, but takes the place of it, i guess) to combat anxiety or depression? i still have days of depression around my cycle. and i'm noticing a downward spiral now with the seasons.


any input would be great!

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