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restlessness and headaches

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Sometimes I feel like this when I have nothing to do along with energy to actually do something.  If I go out for a walk that helps.  Or find something that will keep my mind busy (like maybe cleaning or something).


Other times it is the beginning of an anxiety attack and xanax/klonopin helps.

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Make someting  ...  a cake :some brownies : some homemade Thanksgiving cards:   Almost anything will do.

You may have to shop for the fixings (but not actually spend much) ,  then there is the making time , and then you get to give them away which makes other people happy,                                                                       

I have sometimes made cookies and then left little bags of them at a local Charity shop for the staff.

I get a tripple win from this suff  ...  it takes up time and energy,  I get to be a bit creative, and I get to give a gift to someone else which makes me feel better about myself.

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I have just come down recently from being manic, and I had so much energy that I was totally restless, especially if I couldn't find anything to do.  I still have this headache that started when I became manic, and emailed my neuro, who is going to try acupuncture this week if I can get a ride there.  It usually works pretty well, and am hoping it does the trick because the headache sucks.


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I have been having headaches, tension headaches, related to high anxiety.


I have been taking Fioricet which is effective, and the barbiturate component helps with anxiety.


I used to exercise frequently, but I find it annoying and agitating nowadays.


I see you have a wish list. My mine is Klonopin, but I had to quit when they became my favorite meal. I feel compelled to be honest with my providers about my past medication abuse.

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I just had a headache for over 2 weeks straight.  I decided to try probiotics (I have read on-line in many places how the gut/intestines is like the body's second brain), and it totally worked.  Whether coincidence or not, I have taken probiotics and the headache went away.  I figure it couldn't hurt to try.  They are inexpensive too if you get the CVS brand, or probably another store brand.  And if you hit a sale you can buy one get one free.

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